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its been weeks since I last posted. I don’t know of what much I can say. I could speak about my trip to ausi but that could go on for ever. talking about all the amaing people that I met ithere while staying in the hostel. but I dunno, lifes life and its good! over and out.

A butterfly lives for only 14 days,

But still it flys capturing hearts.

Each moment in life is precious.


Full stop is not the end.

Anew sentence can always be started.

Same in life.

Failure is not the end.

It can be the begining to Success.


Well now this feels like im writing in a diary.

Day 2 :).

Well i havnt exactly been for a run today, but in substitution of that i did have a 2hour hockey training session today which pretty much made up for that. I felt somewhat much more fit even though i only went for a run for the first time in ages yesterday.

Think i might still go for a run today, that is considering the weather clears up enough for me to. But I shaall see how things go. I still have an anoying amount of homework to do but I really couldnt be bothered now, im too settled into holiday mode (even though i know i should do the homework).

Well seeing as this is s sort of diary type post * which it isnt because im a guy* but i guess i should round it off by the diary vibe. Im no expert on diary writing but i guess at the end it usually ends by saying


Procrastination? Running? What could this mean?

Well after weeks of procastinating? i finally went for a Run.

I can certainly say it felt impowering. I suprised myself by not stoping once on the whole run which was roughly 6km.(Maybe a slight exageration -probably like 5.6km) but i used my knowledge of maths and rounded Up.

I do plan to start running everyday but ill see how long i can keep that up, considering i do have homework i really should attend to but not after sucha great run.

As i look in the mirror, my face is still every so slightly pink with all that masculine blood rushing around my Head. There was however a downside, because so new shoes that i got gave me these mini ,but not quite blisters. Cause 25min through the run i could feel a spikey thing in them which wasnt that great, but because of my great determination i carried on like the hero i am (lol).

I think i felt all those fatty chips and cookies fall off me whilst i ran. But thats just a discription of what i felt. (Not to mention the Power :P).

*This post is bound to Copyright*

*Exageration and use of dramatisation may have been used*-(But only for good nature purposes)

How are you?, how are you doing?, are you alright?

How are you?, how are you doing?, are you alright?

How are you?, how are you doing?, are you alright?

Sentences so little, But have great big meaning and impact.

Is it the little things?

Its the little things that matter the most.

Its the little things you notice.

Its the little things that you remember,from a long time ago.

Is it the little things that matter the most?

Is it the little things you notice?

Is it the little things that you remember? from a long time ago?.

Today was just another day
And as usual nothing ever goes my way
There is nothing to do around the house
So I have no choice but to pout
Why does my life have to be so boring?
I mean could it get anymore annoying?
Lord please give me a sign or something
Anything is better than nothing
I want to get away from this place
Because I never seem to benefit anyway
Boredom really suffocates me
I need something entertaining.
Anyways my boredom situation is critical
I need something to make me happy
To prevent me from feeling crappy
But for now I will find something better to do

the good ol days

The good ol days when you were able to get away with preeeety much anything silly. But now that the years have gone and were all grown up, its frownd upon when a grown male/female were to do something as stupid, as though they were 6.

The good ol days when you could play and laugh and do all sorts of things, without having to worry about getting a gf/bf, or resolving little arguments. And not have to worry about doing the dreaded dishes ormaking our beds.

The good ol days when wacthing cartoons took up 75% of your childhood, dancing and singing along to songs that were just too hard to resist.

The good ol days when you could go to school and acually have fun and not really worry about homework. Just playing in the sandpit, then having the trouble of getting sand out of those hard to reach places*cough cough* (your shoes ofc).

The good ol days when you could walk around the house practically naked and have every one go “awwww how cute”and take pictures ( that would soon haunt your life as you grew up).

The good ol days when you went to school to play and trade pokemon/yu-gi-oh cards, later to realise you traded your best card for some Fake, only to have the other person go “no swapsies”.

The good ol days everything was pretty much catered for you, when all you had to do was wait for “go wash your hands”or “Dinners ready”, only for it to be “give me a hand please” or “set the table”.

The good ol days when you used to play hide and seek and you would always find the best hiding place never to reveal your awesome hiding spot. Even after they constantly begged you. When playing Whats the time Mr. wolf was fun, only to grow up and miss those things.

The good ol days when you could get away not eating your veggies, or quikly passing them off to the dog, or even thinking hiding underneath you tablemat was good enough to fool your parents. But then the unlucky ones who were earth bound to the table of doom untill you ate your veggies , that is unless your parents lost patience and sent you to your room. only to finally get in your room and go “yess”.

The good ol days when “Those were the Good Ol Days”and nothing could beat that no matter what.

I’m not cheating.
I’m just revising of my mates paper. duuh
(vice versa)